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A dental fracture can occur from many things including grinding of the teeth, a sports injury, chewing on hard objects, or even the invasion of decay. Dr. Maxim Skormin and our professionals want to help you today to fix that fracture to avoid further buildup, decay, and pain.

Infections and decay may occur when bacteria and plaque buildup grows. This leads to further damage and pain without treatment. A dental filling is a simpler procedure your dentist will use if the fracture is small enough. If it is larger, a dental crown may be placed.

A root canal will most likely be placed if your tooth has pulp or root damage before having a dental crown placed on top. This is one of the final options to preserve the tooth before extraction.

Teeth grinding is one of the top causes of tooth fractures, most commonly occurring at night when you are unable to control it. Let your dentist know if you suspect teeth grinding at night and they can have you fitted for a night guard. Breaking it during the day time is a little more difficult when you don’t have access to a night guard, so talk to your dentist about what options are available.

If left alone, your tooth fracture is susceptible to infection and further decay or damage. Give our dental office a call at 832-932-3959 here in League City, Texas, for an appointment or consultation today. Now Dental aims to serve you and your smile.