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Porcelain dental crowns are quickly becoming the standard for dental crown options because they can boost the appearance and health of your smile. These two important advantages are the reason Dr. Maxim Skormin and our team are proud to offer porcelain dental crowns at Now Dental.

Aesthetic Appeal

Dental porcelain is a tooth-colored material that can blend right in with your natural smile. It is available in several shades, providing a very discreet option for dental work. This is especially important for front teeth, where the crown is visible and gold or stainless steel would stand out.

Porcelain is also very stain resistant and can continue to look great for several years. It is important to care for your dental crown daily with thorough brushing and flossing, as well as routine visits to the dentist. With appropriate care, your dental crown can last up to 15 years.

Biocompatible Material

Porcelain material is known to be very biocompatible and has a low risk of complications such as allergic reactions. Of the dental materials available, porcelain is less likely to be rejected by the body. It blends well with the smile in more ways than one, strengthening the overall dental structure. All in all, porcelain dental crowns are very cost effective.

For more information about the aesthetic appeal and biocompatibility of porcelain dental crowns in League City, Texas, we invite you to call 832-932-3959. You are welcome to schedule a consultation at our office to learn if a porcelain dental crown is right for you.