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Do you ever wish you could change the color of your smile so that it shines in family pictures or during a special occasion? If so, our dentist at Now Dental can provide an in-office teeth whitening treatment that helps you achieve the smile you want! We invite you to learn more about professional teeth whitening performed at our office to lighten yellowing and tooth stains.

On average, teeth whitening procedures performed by a dental professional can provide more effective results than whitening your smile with a store-bought product purchased over the counter. This is because the materials and techniques present in professional treatment are significantly more high end and advanced than other options. In just one appointment of about an hour, we can perform a whitening treatment that makes your smile about eight shades brighter, and these results often last months before they need another treatment.

To whiten your teeth in office, we provide a custom-made dental tray that mimics your unique mouth shape for greater comfort and ensures each tooth will be coated in whitening solution without causing irritation to the gum tissue. We then fill the tray with a powerful whitening solution like hydrogen peroxide and place it in your mouth so that you can hold it in place by biting down. The bleach begins dissolving tooth stains and lightening the tooth color to brighten your smile. We may also use a dental laser to activate the whitening solution and further boost the new tooth color.

If you would like to receive in-office teeth whitening in League City, Texas, for a whiter smile, then contact Dr. Maxim Skormin and our team at 832-932-3959 today!